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    We’ve hit the dot in this week’s Play the Polka collection! Last week’s pure white blank canvas pieces will always be strong in fashion, but this week’s polka dots give you material to shake up your style. This timeless, alluring print with a strong retro feel (think Bianca Jagger) has you seeing spots in fun, fresh silhouettes. Inspired by Marc Jacobs’ seeming interpretations of Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver and Sonia Rykiel’s eternally playful French flair, this bright personality will lift any heavily “curated” conversation. You’ll be far from a wallflower in the crowd on your gallery rounds in these elegant, delicate wares.

    Make people smile with these pieces and call attention to your fun, fresh style!
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    Last week we gave you lemonade with crushed ice on the grassy sands of Nantucket in your preppy best. But get ready for the glamorati, because this week you’ll be specially Starcoptered to your Hamptons helipad! And because no one summers in the Hamptons without jampacked schedules full of lunches, leisurely tennis, and particularly star-studded gallery openings, we’ve prepared the perfect blanched wardrobe for you to shine in.

    Everything from flowy dresses to collared shirts, Chanel-inspired woven derby pieces and sweet sheer beach caftans will take you from day to night in a flash. Think of them as ultra-chic blank canvases for easy summer looks—especially great when spiced up with killer heels!

    Mix n’ mingle through the creative crowds in these pearly whites, and you’ll be the sight of the night!
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    It’s summertime, and that means an excess of maxin’ and relaxin’ in the sun! For our newest fashion collection, we’re giving you the best of the carefree 70’s combined with the chicest of Nantucket prep. Think feet in the sand, lemonade in hand, sitting in your sunchair with a cool, light breeze.

    Chambray is THE fabric of the moment—the ultimate summer outfit element that gives you that super sought-after effortless look. The softest materials come in ranges of blue, canary yellow (if the Queen can do it, so can you!), pale pinks, whites and taupes—a rare no-black collection! Sweet bows and roses top off pieces in classic, girly cuts, high-waists and wide-legged pants, petal pushers; airy and slouched but with the most subtle of elegant touches.

    Don’t miss the burnt sienna wedges, penny loafers and collared dresses!
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    Rubick's Cube Styled Outfits



    Geometric simplicity dominates the Rubik’s Cube collection, dipping video game pixels into the punch bowl and taking the focus from fabrics and cuts to pure color theory. Neons take a step back from the rave scene and instead look delicious enough to eat, like popsicles on the Stardoll catwalks.


    You’ll love the (lolli)pop these pieces will give to your wardrobe—so perfect for the summer!

    Don’t be a square—do the Rubik’s Cube!

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    Photo Reel SO


    Trompe l’oeil trumps all in this week’s Photo Reel collection. With Summer of Love vibes in mind, the Warhol-famed method of screenprinting and surrealistic effects to top, this week’s Styled Outfits fashion up a busy visual highway for the girl who’s out to make a statement. Prints include starry Jackson Pollock-like paint splatter, sublime butterfly wings, color-saturated interior images, eye-deceiving bows, collars, pockets and even underwater scenes and volcanoes from apparent postcards from Hawaii. Tricked out with pompoms and ruffles, it might sound like more than a mouthful to consider wearing, but fear not: think of these pieces as investments in new fashion--- with you at the forefront.


    Enjoy the silky brights and updated hippie-chic designs for summer and your eternally modern wardrobe!

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    This week’s Styled Outfits had us looking through the same kaleidoscope designers used in their Spring collections. Stripes, checks, spots, stars, cheetah— you name it, they used it! Several all at once, even. The style “taboo” of prints on prints is no longer a shudder-worthy mix, thanks to the experimental, brave street stylers being blogged for our boundary-pushing pleasures.

    Aside from seeing the traditional spots, don’t miss the gorgeous chinoiserie, Ellsworth Kelly geometry, and insanely stunning giant orchids. Cuts are simple and feminine and call on the best of the 40’s up to even the disco 70’s.

    Get your groove on in these far-out Pattern Play picks!
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    We’re going hi-tech this week with a collection that reveals as much as it intrigues.

    Top designers like Jil Sander are experimenting with atypical materials, stretching sartorial limits and creating pieces that function as wearable art. We’ve brought the best in man-made synthetics to Starplaza, in particularly incredible cuts that we can’t wait to see how you style! These fantastic pieces will give your flirty pinks and sequins a cool structure—we suggest putting them in regular outfit rotation for the trendiest of impressions. Show your friends what the future looks like!

    Go on--- bag this week’s futuristic wearable wares in classic plastic!
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    WE COME IN PEACE: The fashion solar system is swirling with intergalactic impressions of Earth. Slinky numbers are hardened in battle-ready silver metals, softened then with chiffons and mesh in peach, forest green and zero-gravity lightness. Cascading embellishments and shimmering paillettes create out-of-this-world diva looks for those who are going for a “big bang” in the style cosmos.

    Standout pieces from this week’s Space Glitter collection include an amazing sculptural, armor-like silver dress; a dreamy, light maxi with intriguing midriff cutouts and Spring’s most gorgeous pink platforms!

    Let the force be with you!
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    Night falls on this week’s Ethereally Hip collection and it’s fashion gone rogue! Neo-medieval fierceness is brought to the 21st century via maxi lengths, hot sheaths, sheer attitude and alluring volumes. Leather-esque additions compliment Victorian lace, beading, metallics and soft silks in a collection that will get you dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Judas” in no time.

    Accessorize these pieces boldly and bright, throw a little sheer, Grecian drapery in the mix and you’re a rock star in the matrix.
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    Daring Doily preview
    KILLER FRILLS: If you’re not already in St. Tropez, consider our new Daring Doily collection a first-class ticket to the star-studded, sunny Riviera. Soak up the first of the season’s warm rays in these flirtatious, easy breezy pieces, guaranteed to give you an aura of luxurious effortlessness. These Daring Doily pieces are not for your grandma’s tablescape; you’ve got places to be and the most chic of looks here to stroll to them in.

    Swoon over these lovely florals in sweet pleats, ruffles, scalloped hems, lace and fabulous accessories, and let every day be a picnic!