How do I change the style of my rooms?

Change the wall color or select an interior in the Room Design tab to the right in your Suite Menu. You can use interiors in all of your rooms, except for your main room.

You can also use the Style by Room tab to create an individual room style for each of your rooms! You'll find Style by Room in the left side tab in your room.

All the items saved in your Wardrobe and Accessories Shelf will appear as options for your room style. Don't forget to save your suite when you've finished creating your room style!

If you want to change the room style back to the top style, click on the 'Back to top style' button. If you really like your room style - enough to turn it into the top style - you can click the 'Save as top style' button to save that room style as the top style. Click here to check out a cool video which will walk you through this awesome feature.

More videos on how to Style by Room.

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