How do I change the style of my rooms?

Go to the room you want to redecorate and click on the purple settings button on the top right corner of the "My Suite" tab.
There you will be able to choose between your available interiors or change the color of your main Suite's walls.
Please note you can only use interiors in your extra rooms, not the main Suite.

Through these settings you can also reset your doll's position in the room, clear the room from all it's items or lock/unlock it for visitors. Don't forget to click on "done" to apply the changes!

You can use the Style by Room feature to create a different outfit for each of your rooms! To create a room style, select your doll and click on the dress icon in the Suite's toolbar -- remember, this icon won't show up in the main Suite.

All the items saved in your Wardrobe and Storage will appear as options for your room style. Don't forget to save your suite when you've finished creating your room style!

If you want to change the room style back to the top style, click on the 'Back to top style' button. If you really like your room style - enough to turn it into the top style - you can click the 'Set as top style' button to make that your top style.

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