Stardoll Etiquette - our One-Stop Rules

When you are at Stardoll you SHOULD:

  • - Enjoy yourself and have fun!
  • - Be creative: Inspire yourself and be an inspiration to others.
  • - Create and dress up the coolest dolls ever!
  • - Hang out with your friends and make new friends.
  • - Respect other people's views and beliefs.

When you are at Stardoll you must NOT:

  • - Swear, use sexually graphic terms or make racist remarks.
  • - Bully other Stardolls or in other ways make them feel uncomfortable.
  • - Ask other Stardolls for personal information (or give out your own) such as (but not limited to) password, email, name on Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or similar.
  • - Post external links (such as photos, videos, chat rooms etc).
  • - Make private deals to trade items, trade/sell/buy accounts or sell items for more than the limit of 600 Stardollars.
  • - Type your password anywhere except in the log in box on or change your email to any email address that does not belong to you.
  • - Break the law at Stardoll or talk others into breaking it.
  • - Claim you belong to the Stardoll Staff. There is no employee code so, do not ask for or claim to have one.
  • - Create or design items that may be offensive to others, including (but not limited to) smoking, weapons and drugs.

Breaking any or more of the ONE-STOP-rules will result in the closure of your membership with no chance of refund.

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