Technology free week!

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Hello dolls :-)

With the growing uses and forms of technology we've become very dependent and accustom to having everything at our finger tips , we've also become rather addicted to the many ways that we communicate via technology. Have you ever thought about taking a week off ?  Meaning a Tech free week.

Recently I did just that I went on a short vacation with my Mom to celebrate mother's day and she insisted that we not use any forms of technology (basically no computerized communication of any sort for the entire vacation). Luckily it was only for a short time lol . I had such a hard time adjusting for the first couple of days I was really bothered I was surprised at how much I depend upon the conveniences of technology. I began to feel better once I decided to just enjoy my natural surroundings and the short vacation became rather entertaining (even without technology)  I felt really refreshed when I returned home as well. I wonder if anyone else has willingly taken a week free of  Computers, Phones Ipads, Ipods etc.

I must admit that I love Technology and the convenience it provides so I would not be ready to give it all up indefinitely ( I love being able to log into stardoll ) lol but it was great to connect to nature in it's simplest form the simplicity was so relaxing and carefree. It may not be for everyone but if you ever want to totally refresh and "reboot" yourself  I would suggest trying a few technology free days, enjoy nature or just take in the peace and quiet.


Thank you for reading this post.


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