Are You an INFLUENCER? Quiz

Are You an INFLUENCER? Quiz
Hey Dolls!  

Are you an Influencer? 
You may have seen we have recently released a new mobile game on Android: Influencer! Have you checked it out yet? If not, you should! 
To see if you are socially-savvy and whether you have proven that on our new game, here is a quiz! 
Dolls who get all of the questions correct are in the running to win 50 Stardollars! So, answer these questions to prove you've got what it takes to be influential! 
NOTE: If you share the correct answers with others, you will be disqualified from this contest, as we are looking to see responses from actual players.
  • 1) What social site does Stella manage?

  • 2) How much does it cost to hire Vicky Video?

  • 3) What will you get if you purchase Re-tweed professional?

  • 4) How many likes must you get before SnapShot becomes available?

  • 5) What tattoo does Suki Screenshot have?

  • 6) How many likes do you need to achieve Hashtag professional?

  • 7) What is Thana Trend looking at?

  • 8) What is the 4th media site listed?

  • 9) What happens if you click a social media site's icon again before the timer runs out?

  • 10) What color is the shirt of the CamGram manager?