Interview with Miss Stardoll World 2011

63 maanden geleden

One year later. Believe or not it has been almost a year since the first round of Miss Stardoll World 2011. I was able to speak to the winner of Miss Stardoll World 2011 and as her a few questions about her win and her pass year as Miss Stardoll World.


-Hello Ceren.gk, I know there is sort of a language barrier here but I appreciate you taking the time for this interview!

- Since Miss Stardoll World 2012 is right around the corner what tips do you have for the contestants this year?

C: I think they must construct their suite as much as possible and style their medoll with personal designs!

-What was the hardest part of running for Miss Stardoll World?

C:The hardest part was promoting myself by broadcast but my country helped me too. thanks to all.

-What was it like waking up to find your medoll Miss Stardoll World 2011! I can only image you being super excited!

C:Yes, I was very excited and happy of being MSW. Because I spent to much effort.

-So you’ve received a lot of attention, was it difficult trying to live your normal Stardoll life with everyone’s eyes on you?

C:I'm very happy that everyone visit my suite and write in my guest book, but it was really difficult for me of course.

-What was the best part of winning this title?

C:I understood that I have really perfect friends behind me .

- I'm sure this pass year has been pretty hectic for you. Ready to retire your title?

C:Yes exactly it was hectic for me but yes I won’t enter to competition this year.