Colonel gattopardo's lost monocle

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It was a stormy night too in india and the time when mum21bling(bidisha) returned from her extra classes, she found no one in her house...

She searched her bag for keys and opened the door.. she found a note saying "we are going to your uncle's house. call us when babysitter comes"... bidisha was 15 and the very word "babysitter" made her unhappy..

So she immediately logged in her stardoll account and started to dressup herself.. just then she heard a knock at her balcony door. when she went up to the door and opened it she was blinded by the light of a thunderbolt.. when she stepped back inside she found a broken monocle.... she took it in hand and thought of the new stardoll comic Sea of Stars....

When she avastarred into her suite again she found a strange message in her guestbook saying please return my monocle....she was more than stunned and hardly believed her own eyes...was it colonel gattopardo's lost monocle...??? does that mean colonel gattopardo was somewhere near her that time?