Common Makeup Mistakes

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Hello, dolls! 

When starting out with makeup, the millions of products, colors and tools available to you can be extremely overwhelming. Speaking from experience, there is nothing worse than stumbling through your makeup routine to come out on the other end an unblended mess. In the picture above, I'm sure you can spot various makeup mistakes - some are blindingly obvious, but some may be mistakes you still make! 

Remember, as always, makeup is an expression of yourself, so if you want to rock this look, go right ahead! These mistakes are in general. 

Complimentary colors- Sometimes, no matter how much you try, some colors simply do not work together, one example being the purple, green and red colors we see here. They aren't blended properly, don't compliment each other, and make the look seem jarred. If you are new to makeup, start off with neutrals that are easy to match and blend. 

Blending and applying properly- There is no replacement for quality, and this principle applies when it comes to makeup. Even if you are new to makeup, I highly recommend investing in a quality set of makeup brushes and/or sponges. The new, limited edition Tarte Make Believe In Yourself brushes are an example that I'm totally crushing on at the moment. Good quality tools ensure a fully applied, blended look that will enhance your natural beauty rather than work against it. 

Using a technique you aren't familiar with- Contouring, strobing, baking... can all work really well if you know how to do them correctly. It's so easy to learn through thousands of online tutorials, so don't just dive in straight away, or you'll waste product and time. 

There are much more mistakes to make, but those are a few to keep in mind if you are starting off with makeup, attempting a new look, or simply playing around. 

What is the worst makeup mistake you've ever made? 

Lauren xox
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