I Missed That!

26 hónappal ezelőtt

There are so many pieces in Starplaza - which is a fashionista's dream - but it makes it easy to miss items - a fashionista's nightmare! I thought I'd share with you some underappreciated and different items you might have missed.

This look is one of my favourites due to the starring pom-pom piece - Orginal Future's "Pink Puff Ball Shawl" which is currently on sale for 7SD. I'd also like to mention the minor piece (the belt) which is extremely versatile - Wild Candy's "Faux Python Belt" which is 50SC.

This sleek look contains many great pieces but the sheer blue top makes this outfit. This piece is Bonjour Bizou's "Sheer Blue Blouse" which is also on sale for 5SD currently. I paired this with Bonjour Bizou's "Bizou Logo Belt" which is a fashion staple selling at 95SC.


This final look stars the flowy white skirt or in the shop known as Rio Chica's "Calista Breeze Skirt" which is on sale for 9SD. The shoes are so easily incorporated into the look so I thought I'd mention them. They're Velvet Orchid's "Babydoll Platforms" selling for 11SD.

My tip for finding hidden treasures is to get right to the bottom of Starplaza searches and work your way up!

What's your favourite look?

- Snerfy

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