Interview With Charmedavenger

26 hónappal ezelőtt

I recently got the chance to chat to charmedavenger about living with a disability on Stardoll (and in real life)! Here's our interview.

Q. What kind of disability do you have?
A. I have a very rare sort of Muscular Dystrophy, which is a hereditary condition marked by progressive weakening and wasting of the muscles.

Q. What's your favourite thing about playing Stardoll?
A. Dressing my doll is probably my favourite because I get to dress in anything I feel like, which I can’t do in real life because I can’t dress myself due to my disability. Stardoll is also mouse operated which is perfect for me because I can’t type or use a game console due to my disability.

Q. How do people treat you differently in real life and on Stardoll due to having a disability?
A. Most people are kind and treat me normally, but other people just don’t know how to act around disabled people (especially children but that isn’t really their fault). Most people on Stardoll don’t know I have a disability - just my friends.

Q. How would you like others to treat those who live with a disability?
A. I can’t speak for everyone with a disability because every disability is really different - but please don't assume a person has a mental disability just because they have a physical disability. Just come up and talk to us before you assume anything! Disabled people are just as intelligent as you are... and sometimes more so!

Thanks for the interview, charmedavenger! Your input is appreciated, and hopefully it will help some people understand physical disability a little better.