Covergirl Tips!

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As you might have noticed, many Stardollers have been running for either Covergirl or National Covergirl. It's a great boost of confidence if you win, but of course, you must prepare! I'd be happy to vote people who ask me to, but the things I'm looking for in a future Covergirl are:

1. A great fashion sense
2. A beautiful, original looking MeDoll
3. A good, thoughtful presentation
4. Some important info within the presentation backing up your "campaign," if you will.
5. A guestbook cleared of spam, ads, and any vulgar content.
6. Good, appropriate friends that aren't involved in anything bad or vulgar.
7. An overall good personality and unique, original suite

These things either make it or break it for me. If you say something bad in your guestbook or presentation, chances are I (and others) won't vote you because you're not a genuinely good person. Before you run, ask yourself these questions:

-Do I have a decent suite, good enough for people to like it?
-Is my MeDoll overdone or already done?
-Is my presentation neat, grammar-correct, thoughtful and unique?
-Are there any bad/inappropriate posts in my guestbook or my friends' guestbooks?
-Are you willing to spend the extra Stardollars to broadcast?
-Are you WILLING?
-Do you have a "fan base" to vote for you?

Here are some tips if you said "no" to any of these questions:

*Clear your guestbook of any innapropriate posts.*
*Stock up and maybe top up on Stardollars -- You'll need 'em!*
*Find your personal style and project it through your MeDoll's clothes.*
*Make your MeDoll look nice! If you need to, watch a makeup tutorial. I suggest watching lel1996's videos -- they are really good!*
*Edit your presentation so it is attractive, grammar-correct, and informative.*
*Give people a reason to vote for you!*

Good luck,

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