Floral Starcoin Outfit!

hace 57 meses

Hey guys! Talia here! Today im going to show you this simple outfit I put together. And it's also all starcoins. Let's get started.

I got most of this outfit at the store Prety n' Love, because they have beautiful floral pieces. For my top, I picked out this sheer lavender shirt, with floral lace patterns. It's called the Sheer Floral Cardigan, and it's 102 sc. I also added a white short top under the shirt from BASICS for 40sc, since the shirt was so sheer. Everything but that is from Pretty n' Love. For my skirt, I found this super cute blue skirt, with flowers of different size and color on it. The skirt is called the Heidi Embellished Skirt and it's 146 sc. I am in love with this skirt. Last, for my shoes, I picked out these adorable Spring Platform Clogs for 94 sc. I wear these all the time!

Well, that's your awesome floral starcoin outfit. I hope you enjoyed!




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