How to combat exercise boredom

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I have never liked exercising as a child. I would refuse to participate in gym class and only eat chips and lay around all day. A few months ago, I got myself a gym membership and started to hit it hard every day. If you're like me, you might be too bored to exercise. Too many people would think this is laziness, but it's only a part of laziness! Here are a few tips I do to challenge exercise boredom and get a great workout. 


1) Watch netflix. This is what I do when I go on the treadmill and bike in the gym. I only allow myself to watch a series when I exercise, which gets me motivated to exercise because I have to know what will happen to Supergirl after she meets Superman. 


2) Watch music videos. I decided to watch music videos while pedaling and before I know it, I would have completed forty minutes of exercise without even feeling it. 


3) Pick high energy music. When I listen to music, I have the volume all the way up and sometimes I "dance" to the beats while running, which probably makes me look weird to other people but it's not a crime to have fun while exercising! 


When you are distracted, it is really easy to finish your workout. Share your own tips on how you combat exercise boredom in the comments! 


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