Moana Makeup Look!

Před 23 měsíci

Hey, gorgeous! :)

I hope you guys had a great Christmas, and had a wondeful day spending time with your families and friends.

In the new Disney movie, Moana has beautiful natural makeup, and gorgeous natural beach waves. So here's a tutorial on how to recreate that lovely beauty look. Enjoy!

Moana has large brown eyes, dark wavy har, and beautiful warm brown skin. To get the skin just right, I pulled up a picture of Moana and did my best to copy it. For eyes, I chose the second-to-last eyes on page 6 in the Beauty Parlor. It kind of has a "template" that will be perfect for getting the eyeshadow spot-on. The nose was trickier, but I finally found a nose that was perfect. It was the 3rd nose on the 2nd page in the Beauty Parlor.

Hair was easier, although it still was not easy, but I went with the partystar66 hair from Stardoll's Next Top Hair Designer release in Tress Up. I colored it brown with the seconf hair color option in the Beauty Parlor.

Now it's time for makeup! Starting with the eyeshadow, I used a few different browns to create the perfect hue. Staying inside the lines of the convenently-placed "template", I first lapplied a layer of Transform Bronze Eyeshadow (17 sd), and followed with a layer of Dot Milk Chocolate Eyeshadow (5 sd). To add the warmth to the eyes, I applied Dot Burgundy Brown eyeshadow (5 sd) on the outer half of the eye. I applied thickening and lengthening mascara (Black Madness, Dot, 2 and 4 sd) and black eyeliner (Dot, 2 sd) on the bottom lashline.

As a final touch, I added the Transform Shadows Mask Upper in light to create a natural-looking shadow. Yay, you're done!

I hope this was helpful to you guys! If you have any suggestions for future posts, please tell me!

Happy Holidays!