Loving Your Hair

Před 31 měsíci

Have you ever heard your friends saying that they don't like their hair? It's too curly, too thick, too oily? We never seem to be happy with what we have. I'm guilty of this, too, since I'm currently growing my hair out and am pretty frustrated with how long it's taking! I thought I might share a few reasons you should love your hair no matter what.


Curly hair is...

- distinctive

- already styled!

- versatile

Straight hair is...

- easy to style

- low-maintenance

- smooth

Thick hair is...

- voluminous!

- lush and soft

- less easily windblown

Thin hair is...

- less shampoo-heavy

- a fast-drying hair type

- effortlessly smooth

Why not try out a new hairstyle on Stardoll today, and see how your doll looks with all sorts of unique hairstyles. Remember, no matter what your hair type, length, or style, you are beautiful! I hope all you dolls can love your hair and make the best of what you have.

Til next time!

Kat ♥