Styling Colours: Orange!

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Many people are scared of using orange in their outfits, and I can see why. It's a very bright colour that people often either love or hate - and it's difficult to incorporate into a look! Here are three ways you can try to create an outfit around the colour orange.

Outfit 1: Simple and streamlined
The first outfit pictured above uses a lot of orange, but mainly in one item - a streamlined, body hugging dress. Using one orange statement clothing item is a really easy way to start bringing this colour into your life! I chose a pair of shoes with a small orange streak to reflect the colour of the dress, then I chose a small, simplistic black clutch to balance out the dark colours in the shoe. Why not try out a similar look for yourself?

Outfit 2: Casual and constrained
For the second outfit in the picture above, I went for a less formal look. I chose more understated orange tones, and balanced them out with yellows and whites to create an outfit that might be more appropriate for everyday wear. I did add a pop of brightness with the orange neck scarf, as I thought the look needed a little extra boost! You might like to try a similar strategy to create your own streetstyle or casual look.

Outfit 3: Reflected and perfected
For the third outfit featured in the picture above, I decided to take inspiration from the orange and black butterfly headpiece I used, and reflect that theme in the rest of the outfit. I did this by pairing a silky black peplum top with a bright orange skirt in a delicate fabric - reminiscent of a monarch butterfly's wings! This is definitely a more formal look, but you could use a similar concept in any type of style.

How do you style orange?