Your Passions!

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We're all passionate about something, and I asked some dolls what they considered their biggest passion. Here are a few great answers!

Model: MeridithOlivia

I am passionate about music. It is the one thing that I can give my all to and be myself. It's a way I can fully express myself, whether it's by playing music or writing songs. Music is a universal language; you don't have to speak the same language as someone, because if you can play music with them you instantly make a connection. Music is my passion. I cannot escape it. It is a part of who I am and always will be.

I am passionate about writing; leaving a world full of war, hate, racism, sexism, and harsh beauty standards, for a world of my own creation. A world full of nothing but cats, or nothing but other people who share my life views; a world where I am not bullied, a world that doesn't force me to pile makeup on my face to be accepted, a world where I am not judged for the person who I am on the outside, but loved for the person who I am on the inside, a world where I am free to wear what I want without being criticized in public, a world where I am not criticized at all, a world where I am free, and happy, to be who I am.

I am passionate about education. My dream is to be able to take my talents and ideas to help educate the next generation. I love music, and play many instruments, and I believe that if I could somehow make a difference to children's lives through music my purpose would be fulfilled. Giving young children a full and diverse education no matter who they are, where they come from or what their situation is is something I am truly passionate about.

What's your passion?