Crushing on a Celebrity

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You will see him in a movie, TV show, or a music video. And it may take you some time to realize you like the character he plays or songs he writes and sings. After some more time, you will probably develop a crush on him.

First thing you should know is they only show what they want you to see, so you only notice good things while bad are often hidden.

It hardly misses anyone. I personally have had a fair amount of celebrity crushes during my 20 something years. And it should not interfere with your life, at least if you follow some guidelines:

It is OK to:

- Daydream about them

- Follow them on social network(s) and message them occasionally

- Be happy when they follow you back or reply

- Watch movies/TV shows they star in, listen to their music and watch their music videos often

- Be slightly jealous of their significant other

- Put their posters all over your room

- Talk to friends about them occasionally


It is NOT OK to:

- Cry because you will never meet them/be together

- Hate their significant other and wishing them worst

- Message them constantly

- Compare guys in you know with them

- Constantly talk with friends about them, basically making them only thing you talk about 

At the end, all you can do is, aside what I mentioned, wish them the best in their life, and hope you will eventually meet them. Also, you should know it won't last forever. New celeb crushes might be just around the corner.