Guide to: Free Hair!

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Here on Stardoll, our hair is a big part of our look. So many amazing hair designers and Tress Up wigs are provided for us - but they do come at a price! Here are fave hair styles that are free to all dolls - no Superstar required.

The Free-To-All

This hair style is available to everyone as soon as they start playing, and I think it's an underrated choice. I love how it elegantly tucks behind my doll's ears! I also love this hair because it has a hairline that works well with Transform contouring or Stardesign face masks.


The Starpointer

While these adorable pigtails are also free, you'll need to play Stardoll for quite a while until you can use them, as they are only unlocked at level 65. Before Stardesign Hair was available, these pigtails were all the rage - dolls raced to level 65 so they could wear them ASAP! I personally still adore this hairstyle - not only is it cute, it also shows your dedication to your doll.

The Combiner

Not only is this hair perfect for male-styled dolls, it is also perfect to combine with hair from Starplaza or your fave StarDesign artist. I chose to use it with a ponytail from MSTQ to evoke a sleek, stylish, and dynamic aesthetic!

What is your fave free Stardoll hairstyle?