Meet ecf97 // How To Contour & Highlight

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Contouring? Highlighting? This is Kim Kardashian's makeup secret and it's perfect on Stardoll and in real life too!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's my pleasure to introduce to you... ecf97 who will give us some tips!


Hey dolls! Everyone loves a good contour & highlight but are you applying it properly? Here's the basics to a good application...

Contouring is the darker color you use. This should be applied underneath your cheek bones, around your entire face, on the temples, under your bottom lip and on the sides of your nose.

Highlighting is the lighter color used to enhance your face and to bring out features. This should be applied on the center of your forehead, as a triangle under your eyes, under your cheekbone contouring, un the peak above your lips & on the bridge of your nose. Pretty much wherever your contour is not.

Once all this is on your face, blend! Do not blend until all of this is done. If you're using a cream contouring kit, use a beauty blender. If you're using a powder contouring kit, use a blending brush. Both can be bought at Ulta. My favorite contouring kit is from Anastasia.

Hope this helped!