Halloween inspired dolls!

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I came across a lot of great dolls this week and I'd love to feature them all but I can't so here were some that stood out!

..wildcat.. made her doll into a zombie using stardesign items. I think the detail in her face and dolls body looks very realistic!

zombelina has a huge array of Halloween inspired photos and looks in her suite. Above are just 2 of my favourites but you can see more if you visit her.

In starparisegirl1's suite she shows her doll looking into a mirror and seeing the legendary ghost Bloody Mary looking back. The story says that if you look into a mirror and call Bloody Mary multiple times she's meant to appear (of course this is just a story!) I like how she didn't need to use a lot of items to make this scene and it shows you don't need a lot to create something unique

I love this undead bride doll that Mystic_Darkness has created. If you look closely you can see a lot of detail went into the make up and the chainsaw is a nice touch! 

What do you think?