Charlie Sheen: I'm Sorry, Ashton Kutcher!

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Last week Charlie Sheen once again attacked Ashton Kutcher and his performance on "Two and a Half Men". "I'm tired of lying. I'm tired of pretending the show doesn't suck. I'm tired of pretending Ashton doesn't suck. I'm tired of pretending like they're not completely adrift.", he said then. But it wasn't until yesterday that we really raised our eyebrows - because he apologized! On Twitter he wrote: “Dear Ashton- My bad. I was disrespectful to a man doing his best. I got excited and threw you into a crossfire,” Sheen tweeted. “The rest of my statement I stand behind. You, however, deserve better. Safety in your travels good sir. The ‘late’ Charlie Harper.” Ashton Kutcher has not responded to the Tweet. Anyway, apologizing is a good step, Sheen! (hollywoodreporter)