Spring/Summer Trends to Try!

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Some of this year's Spring and Summer trends are simply amazing! Like the Art Meets Fashion trend! Read on for some cool, must-try trends for Spring and Summer!

Art Meets Fashion Outfit Pieces: Artistic Top, Stardoll Academy, 0 Stardollars; Hot Buys Dotted Punk Jeans, Hot Buys, 16 Stardollars.

Dressing like a punk princess is so fun and bold! Wear abstract shorts with a tough looking vest, and some heeled booties to complete everything! If that's not enough, try stacking on some studded bracelets.

Punk Princess Outfit Pieces: Tube Top, Fallen Angel, 40 Starcoins; Everyday Vest, It Girls, 40 Starcoins; Traveller Boots, Nelly, 14 Stardollars; Leopard Shorts, It Girls, 10 Stardollars

Floral never gets old! So why not go pick up some floral pieces and pull together an outfit?

Floral Outfit Pieces: Bahia Top, Pretty n'Love, 10 Stardollars; Black Bloomers, Pretty n'Love, 6 Stardollars, Traveller Boots, Nelly, 14 Stardollars

Now that you know all the new trends, what are you waiting for? Go get dressed in some of the greatest styles and prepare yourself for a bunch of compliments!

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