Spring Beauty Tutorial

há 59 meses

Hello, dollies! Today, I want to show you a light, simple makeup look that will show off the natural looking beauty of your doll. After all, with summer on its way, who wants to have tons of makeup caked on their face, right?

Eyes: First, cover just the eyelid of your doll with a light pink color. I used Fushion Coral from Dot. Next for the eyes, brush some Crimson colored eyeshadow on the outside triangle area of the eyelid. Line the lower lash line with a magenta colored eyeliner. Deep Orchid from Dot works perfectly in this look! Then, Add the mascara and eyeliner of your choice to bring out the eyes even more!

Cheeks: Apply a light pink colored blush which complements the two eyeshadow colors you used in the first steps! I used Indian Red Blush from Dot.

Lips: Next,cover the lips in a neutral color to keep the look effortless and flawless. The lipstick I used was Chestnut from Transform.

Lastly, pick a fun springtime hairstyle to go along with your new look!

Now you're ready for an amazing day of fun here on Stardoll! Enjoy! :)

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