Antidote Exclusive Prizes

Antidote Exclusive Prizes
It's a Basquiat inspired Circus of fashion -- full of the most frenetic forward take on limited edition items ever!  And it's selling out fast!  We need to see a photo of you in the latest Antidote!

Stardoll Superstars know that when Antidote is back -- you need to be there fast and with bells on!  This Photo contest takes exclusivity to a new level.

This time -- for 100 style setting winners -- there is an additional, 100 ONLY -- Antidote must-have bag.  The ultimate collectible!  And yes, there are Stardollar prizes too!

So show us why the Greatest Fashion Show on Earth -- has you in the center ring! 
Ladies and gentlemen
. Boys and girls. Stardolls of all ages -- this Circus is yours! Send us a Photo of you rocking out your Antidote style!