How do I report bad behavior on Stardoll?

In all our community features such as but not limited to Friends, Blog, Guestbook and Album, you can click on Show options tool and then the purple exclamation mark, to report a member and fill out the reason for reporting. If a user behaves badly in the chat please send us the report by clicking on the purple exclamation mark in the chat window. StarDesigns can be reported by clicking on the purple exclamation mark next to the StarDesigned item.

Help us in making Stardoll a safe and fun site by reporting other users only when they have broken the Stardoll ONE-STOP rules. It is important to report the right object for the correct reason. Making false reports or any other abuse of this function may result in termination of your account.

Stardoll takes all reports seriously and we will do our best to review your reports within one (1) working day. If we consider that there has been a breach of the Stardoll ONE-STOP rules the post(s) will be removed and further actions may be taken and/or the user warned or deleted. You will not be contacted by Stardoll again in this matter unless we have follow up questions or are not able to handle your report. If you are unhappy with our action you are welcome to contact us again.

Note that you can also block/unblock a user from sending you messages by choosing block user under Group in your Friend's list.

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