Hello Old Me!

În urmă cu 15 luni

Hi All! 

When I first started this account, lets just say my look was questionable. I thought it would be fun for me to recreate and react to the old me. Prepare your eyes y'all...

The eyes were the whole center piece to this makeup mishap. We begin with this burgundy brown shadow - beautiful color, ruined by yours truely. Ensure it reaches to your browbone!

Facial Features;
I find the facial features of my old doll unique. Honestly, the eyes and nose aren't bad and the lip color is quit nice. What I aren't so keen on, is the lips I decided to choose.

Though I wouldn't wear that hairstyle now, I don't hate it. However, at the time I loved it.

Finishing Touches;
I remember saving up all my SD for weeks for that mask, and it wasn't a bad buy. But I am quit sad that now I am paler that, that mask doesn't match my skin tone.

How did your old doll look?