Swimsuit Collection!

În urmă cu 16 luni

Hi All! 

Over the past two years I have been playing on Stardoll, I have gathered quit the swimsuit collection. Today I will be sharing this with you.

The first of my swimsuits is this basic black bikini from Callie's Picks, costing a total of 150 SC. If you like this piece I would recommend buying it soon, as Callie's Picks is replaced with a new collection every 2 weeks so hurry!

Next on the list is this classic striped bikini two set. This is again SC and originates from the store Wild Candy. Strips have been really trendy in the bikini world lately, and this trend won't be going away anytime soon, that's for sure!

Thirdly, we feature this blue and slightly more decorative bikini. One way I enjoy styling this two piece set, is wearing it underneath the keyhole dress from Riveria which is a beautiful bikini cover up.

This army green one piece from Wild Candy, is one of my favorites. It can be worn both as a swimsuit and underneath a skirt, likewise to a bodysuit.

This next swimsuit is more pricey but so worth it. The bottoms are sold for SC, however the top is SD. As you can see the top is off the shoulder, which has been another trend in the bikini world.

Last but not least, is this bikini set from Trails. It is surely a bolder piece but I think that's why I like it so much. This is again sold for SC.