Starter Styling

În urmă cu 15 luni

Hey dolls,


I'm going to ask to think about when you first joined. Well, more specifically, the clothes that you had in your closet. For some, this may be too far back, and if not, your starter clothes were probably these.


My first thought upon seeing these was 'where can I buy more clothes?' This indicates few things about the clothes and, you may notice there are a few items MIA. This, like the clothes themselves, also indicates a few things. Either that Narnia exists, or that they threw themselves in the recycling bin due to shame.
Now, I am not one to usually style an outfit around a clutch, let alone a seemingly bland clutch like this. The saving grace of the piece was the rose tint to the metal. It was then a matter of building up cremes with a hint of velvet rose gold. This brought me to the tights. A simple colour match and light white and silver accentuation did the trick.

Très beautiful trois! These shorts were a bit boring and the button let them down, so the green and browns were needed for a pop of colour with an accentuation of gold. Last, but certainly not least, was the dress. The major issue with the dress was not the garish pink, but the brown hint to the black. Any lover of the colour black knows that in clothes, there is no one-true shade. My fix to this was black sheer to subdue the pink, and correct the black then adding the underlay black skirt to clean the many skirt lines up. The ombre skirt was the cherry on top!

- Snerfy