My Runway Picks!

În urmă cu 33 luni

Did you dolls see the latest limited release? That's right, Runway is back to showcase famous fashion houses from Chanel to Elie Saab! Here are my top picks from this collection.

Runway Ankle Socks
While a simple pair of socks might initially seem like a strange choice for a top picks list, these pastel foot warmers just had to be included! A cute pair of ankle socks can actually does a lot more than hiding away in your shoe - they can act as a real fashion statement. I love ankle socks paired with a closed toe, low heel shoe in a contrasting colour - but there are so many ways to style this type of item that branching out is always a possibility!

Elie Saab Inspired Cape
I do love a cape, and the simple yet structured style of this one ensured its' place in this list! The delicate white shade of this item means it will match well with most colours, enhancing its usability in many outfits. The sharp, architectural look of this item also lends well to versatility, as it could be paired with many different types of fabrics as a contrast or to enhance a look.

Armani Style Resort Purse
I'm constantly searching for the perfect black clutch on Stardoll, and this item might just be what I was looking for all along! I love how the graphics for this purse are designed so it sits in my doll's hand a little different than other purses- it's good to change it up every now and then. I also love the delicate silver chains that help bring this purse up to the next level!

What were your Runway faves?