Dealing with Dehydration

În urmă cu 33 luni

So the summer heat is finally upon us and here in the Caribbean – I swear it’s ten times hotter than usual. One of the biggest problems while dealing with this heat is dehydration.

Does your mouth feel dry? Experience headaches in the center of your head? These are common signs of being dehydrated.

I don’t like to willingly drink water, but here are a few ways to make water more appealing.

Flavored water.
  Add a few drops of a fruit juice to a bottle of water, citric fruits are my favorite way to go. The citric taste is just so refreshing and removes the dehydrated feeling from your throat. Try it out with different fruits, herbs, veggies. Whatever appeals to you add it to your water.

 Fruits that have high water content such as watermelons and pineapples are a good way to sneak in some water while having a tasty snack. Make a fruit salad of your favorite fruits or eat them individually - it really doesn’t matter, as long as you are enjoying the fruits.

Cold beverages.
 Who doesn’t love a good cold beverage in these heated times; anything is appealing to drink as long as it’s cold. But I do suggest you enjoy the beverages with care, for instance if you are being active in the heat and rush to drink cold beverages you can cause a cold.

How are you dealing with this heat dollies?