How To Look like: Selena Gomez!

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Hi dollies! 

Today I'm back with another 'How To Look Like' blog post! So, let's just get started- hope you like it! :)

Note: This look is based on Selena's 'Come & Get It' music video look, so I hope you see a hint of resemblance. :)


1. Facial features! I'm sorry about having a Superstar only mouth, but it was the the lips that made this whole look for me. But if you find something that looks good, please go for it! Remember, you can change this up if you wish!


2. Makeup! For the eyes, I stuck to very little eyeshadow, applying a charcoal (grey/black) type of colour, and then finished the eye makeup off with mascara!

For the cheeks, you can honestly do whatever you like! I mainly contoured.

And for the lips, I stuck to a cherry red lisptick and then went over it in a brighter red lipgloss.


3. Add the hair and....You're finished! This time, I didn't add any extra shading. :)

I hope you do see a little resemblance of Selena in this look and I'd love to see you dollies try out a Selena Gomez look too! I'd love to see what changes you make, and what you make of this look! 

And this is how I'd look like Selena Gomez!