Secondary school blues...

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Hi Dollies,

My little brother has just started secondary school (high school) and is finding it hard to get used to homework, lessons and teachers so here are a few tips to help you dollies get used to starting at a big school!

1) When you get H/W just do it! I know its boring but if you try to do the homework the night its given to you then you will have the whole weekend to do whatever you want!

2) Join in! Put your hand up in class and dont be afraid to answer the questions youre asked! If you get it wrong, who cares? At least you tried!

3) Be friendly! Converse with others! Its always great to make new friends but the only way to do that is by chatting with them so go on and talk to the kid in your class who always tells funny jokes or the girl with nice shoes! Who knows you may end up becoming best friends!

And thats it for now dollies! let me know in the comments what I should next right about!

Bye for now! Polarbear09 Xx

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