Nail Art Tutorial: Nymph Nails

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Hello everyone! I love to paint my nails. It is fun and a great way to be creative! Today I want to show you the Nymph Nail tutorial. It looks very pretty and colorful!

This is what the nail looks like:

Here is how to make it:

1. Take your foundation sponge and dip it into some light blue nail polish. Dap it on the top (White part) of your nail.

(Between every coat of nail polish wait a few minutes for the polish to dry.)

2. Now dip your foundation sponge in a dark blue nail polish and dap it over the light blue.

3. Now you will need a deep dark blue. Dip your foundation sponge in the polish and dap it over the light blue and dark blue.

4. Take your sparkly blue nail polish. (A little clear) and paint it over the blue.

5. Now it is time for the overcoat. This overcoat can be clear or sparkly. Just paint it over the nail.

Here is a video to show you how it is done:



Video Credit: Youtube- Klaire De Llys

I hope you liked this tutorial! Please write what you think in the comments.


- hannahsweet10

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