When A Friend Moves

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Having a friend move away can be a really hard situation to go through- and even harder if you're the one moving. Here are a few ways you can stay in touch and get through this hard time!

Keeping In Touch
Luckily, keeping in touch over distance is easier than ever! You could try calling each other regularly on the phone, or even having regular video chats. Instant messaging is on of my favourites because you can do it casually throughout the day (plus it's cheaper than texting long distance)! Don't forget about old fashioned letters- it can be so fun to recieve a letter in the mail. You might even like to send each other a small gift every now and then- local snacks, perhaps?


Remember Other Friends
While contacting friends who are away is great, it's important to have friends nearby too. These are the people who will get you out of the house, and who will be able to give you a hug when you need one! Don't neglect your friends who haven't moved- schedule some time where you can hang out and bond. If you are the one who moved, try to make some new friends at your school, or join some activities outside of school/work where you can meet others!


Look After Yourself
Sometimes a friend moving away can be a lot harder than it seems. It can leave you with a big gap in your social support system, which can be very hard if you were already struggling with something! It's okay to take some time out for yourself and relax. Put your health first!


How do you cope when a friend moves away?