Is Anne Hathaway A Bridezilla?!

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Back in November, Anne Hathaway announced her engagement to long-time boyfriend, Adam Shulman! We were thrilled for her, it seems like she finally found a nice guy. However, for some reason Anne and Adam are putting off their wedding until October 2013. From the time of her engagement, that's 2 years! Why are they waiting so long? Apparently Anne has become a "bridezilla" which is now causing friction between her and Adam's family. One source reveals, "she and Adam are fighting over the size of the wedding. Anne wants it to be small and intimate, while Adam’s family has a potential guest list of over 200 people.” As a star, "Anne is used to getting whatever she wants so having to compromise with Adam's family has not been easy. It's caused a lot of tension in their relationship." We really hope they can work out these problems, they seem perfect for each other! (celebitchy)