Dicembre 2011

  • Amzyness1290Amzyness1290


    Heya everyone,

    Winter has to be my favourite season in the year. It's the time of the year where you get to dress your dolls from head to toe. A few days ago I was looking at some poeples suite and I noticed some amazing winter outfits. I picked as few to show you guys but of coarse there were many amazing outfits.

    Here are there amazing outfits:



    1. Moce95


  • LindsayLindsay


    Capita che si giunga al limite del non ritorno, che si scelga di chiudere un capitolo della propria vita (o un account) e di iniziare un percorso totalmente nuovo.

    Si può però anche tornare sui propri passi, capire che le scelte compiute sono state piuttosto estreme e cercare  di prenderne atto ed imparare a convivere con le proprie debolezze, magari ridendoci su.

    A volte ritornano sì, ed è quello che è successo a me. Ho cancellato il mio account dopo aver passato due anni su questo sito e quasi 12 ore al giorno (a volte anche di più), davanti ad un monitor.

    Nutrivo e nutro ancora un amore viscerale per Stardoll, ma dato che la vita e l’essere umano è nulla senza equilibrio e controllo, vi propongo la mia guida personale e consapevole all’utilizzo di questo sito ( so che molti diranno “e chissenefrega”, ma abbiate un po’ di rispetto per questa “vecchietta” quasi trentenne).



  • JadaJaneJadaJane


    Hello dolls:)
    I'm  fairly new here  however I've observed the generosity displayed by the site and I think that star doll gets an A+in the area of knowing how to reward it's members. Within this year alone we've received countless free items via contests, joining sponsored clubs, Holiday giveaways, the gift-o-meter etc. Then there's the star coin feature this is amazing because it gives us two ways to shop. Here are some looks that I've put together with the use of Free giveaways and star coin items. Please take a look you never know you might get inspired to do your own star coin/free item look.

  • dizzylizzyloudizzylizzylou


    Today the Glam Cam is focusing on El Salvador, a small country in Central America.  When we think Latin style, bright colors and fun prints come to mind, but is that what the people really wear?    I interviewed jeimy89 and learned a lot about her style.

  • 89ile89ile


    Salve Ragazze! Ultimo appuntamento per il 2011… e proprio per questo motivo ho deciso che non sceglierò i personaggi In & Out della settimana, ma quelli che hanno caratterizzato l’intero anno.

  • MakeupBerriesMakeupBerries


    Hi guys! Im going to be doing 'Mix N Match' posts! These will include:
    *3 celebrity look a likes
    *3 makeovers & a medoll of the post
    *3 outfit makeovers
    *A natural beauty of the post

    So, the Look-A-Likes... *Pics via posh24.com*
  • ElleGirlElleGirl


    The countdown is approaching, and hopefully you have your New Year’s Eve dress/makeup/shoes/accessories ready to go. But for all the last-minute shoppers out there (and we know you’re out there), here are some of our favorite dresses for every kind of party to help you feel glam and fab while ringing in the New Year.
  • Vicky.StardollVicky.Stardoll


    Spotted! Actress Kate Bosworth and director Michael Polish were taking a romantic stroll in West Hollywood yesterday. The couple went for lunch and then some shopping. They're soo cute together! By the way, arent Kate's Chloe boots to die for? Love them!
  • dizzylizzyloudizzylizzylou


    Today’s spotlight on fashion focuses on South Africa.  I interviewed kokoBeRRie, otherwise known as Kat.  She has been South Africa’s National Covergirl, and clearly knows fashion.  She navigates her way through bold colors and prints to find a truly original style.

  • ancorastarancorastar


    Ciao dollss!

    Ho finalmente terminato di contare i voti, erano davvero tanti! Grazie comunque a tutti per aver votato! :D