100 Years of Style

34 mesi fa


The latest edition of Museum Mile brought us some stunning art inspired pieces from the past 100 years for our dolls and suites! Here are some of my faves.

1946 Salvador Dali Picture

This stunning classical piece was inspired by a masterpiece of surrealism that was painted in 1946 by Salvador Dali, called Mirage. This painting uses the metaphor of a desert mirage to relate to love between the woman in the painting and the head in the sky. The characters are actually a Roman god and goddess, with the woman being Venus signifying love, and the head being Apollo, signifying music and truth. To me, this points to true love being a big theme in this painting - what does it mean to you?

1966 Contrast Booties

These amazing YSL Mondrian inspired boots are my personal top pick for this collection, as they are so classic! Yves Saint Laurent designed this collection in 1966, after he was inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian. I love the strict lines and colourblocking in Mondrian's work - he loved bright primary colours and could convey deep meanings through abstract creations. I suggest you research both Mondrian's artworks and the YSL Mondrian collection!

1966 Paco Rabanne Inspired Dress

The designer of the real life version of this dress, Paco Rabanne, was originally a jeweller, so you can see how his work evolved into a slick link-based style as he moved into fashion! This particular piece was created in 1966, and is called Tricolour Discs. I can't wait to style this item over a nude bodysuit!

What was your favourite Museum Mile item?