Starcoin Suites 2

33 mesi fa

When I posted my previous blog about Starcoin suite decoration, many dolls seemed to find it very helpful. I decided to write a follow up post about the best places to find Starcoin decor!

In Starplaza, one of my favourite places to find great Starcoin items is the early floors of PopShop! This store may seem a bit strange at first, but look closer and you will find some gems - I personally love the New York letters, and pegs to hang them up with! Also check out Basics Decor for all your minimal essentials.

Level Items
As you level up on Stardoll, you will find you unlock many Starcoin items to buy. For example, the table in the picture above is unlocked at quite a high level - but it's so worth it when you get there! To check what you've unlocked so far, use the level filter in the catalog.

Filter Combos
Speaking of the Starplaza search filter, this feature can also be used to locate lots of exciting Starcoin items that might get hidden in shops normally! Go through the different colour filters in combination with the Starcoin filter to make sure you find everything you're interested in. I personally love the silver Starcoin filter - it features some great spotlight lighting!

How do you find Starcoin decor items?