How to De-clutter!

63 bulan lalu

We've all heard it before.. "____ GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM!" or my personal favorite.. "ALBA.. DID YOUR CLOSET EXPLODE?" 

You know the saying mom is always right? Well she's right even when she's yelling at you to go clean your room. Studies show that all that clutter isn't good for you.. whether that dust gives you a bad cough, or the nasties thing possible happens.. spiders crawl out of your dresser (EW!) Here's a few tips to prevent that from happening.. ON STARDOLL :D

-Use the "sweep room clean" button.

Thankfully, you don't have to go through the trouble of putting everything one by one in your storage. Just press the button and viola.. you're clean!

-Put everything you don't need in your storage.

-Only pull out one item at a time when redecorating


pic credit www.stardoll.com

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