Summer is Here! ♥

64 bulan lalu

Hello! How are you all? 


I came to do a tutorial on a Summer look as we are in the summer season! The look consists of beautiful colours, a bold contour and a peachy blush. What more do we need? Okay so lets get started on how to create this look:


Step 1: Add a natural brown colour all over the lid and a little higher than the crease. Add purples, we want to use at least 3(you can use more, Be creative I say!). The darkest in the outer corner, working our way in with lighter purples as we get to the inner corner. You get me? :D 

Step 2: I then added on top of the purples the very natural brown to blend everything together.Add a white pearly colour to the tear ducts (the inner corners of the eye) and underneath the eye. 


Step 3: Add a white eyeliner to underneath the eye and add a black winged eyeliner to the tops. Add some falsies in place (which ever you want)! Finish with some mascara.


Step 4: Put a peachy colour to contour the cheeks, I then added another darker colour to make the peach bold. Finish with a peachy pink on the apples of the cheeks.


Step 5: Well this isnt really a step hahah, but if you want to, add a colour to the lips. Personally I left them natural without any products. 


Voila you have your pretty natural look for summer, this can be worn with everything. Also I want to say, be creative choose different colours if you want. Mix and Match with everything you have. Have a nice day! ♥:D


Ps.. :) Comment if you want a pretty outfit post to go with this, Let me know! 


Love Milly ♥ xoxo

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