Inspiration: zoey-redbird3

65 bulan lalu

With her fantastic suite, she’s done wonders with affordable materials found in the suite shop. I love how she’s mixed and matched different colours and textures and her rooms transport you to somewhere hot and exotic!

But the best thing about her suite is that it’s utterly brilliant, yet affordable. Not only is her suite so creative, she was a non-superstar for most of the time she was furnishing it – yet you would never notice! She’s shown that you don’t necessarily need to pile on the LE décor for your suite to look amazing!


What inspired you when working on your suite?

I had the idea of creating an Eastern, Oriental and African themed Suite, as I have always loved the vibrant and rich textures and colours from these ethnic cultures, and I did some research for ideas aswell.


Do you have any tips for non-superstars decorating their suites?

Think it through as much as possible before you start on a particular room. Use what you have, but make sure it fits with the theme.

Above all, enjoy the creative experience!


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