Stardoll Access - A New Stardoll App!

66 bulan lalu

Hey dollies! Today I am going to be talking about Stardoll Access, a new and free app that's available for the iPhone, iPod, and/or iPad.


Stardoll Access allows you to view your Stardoll account from you iPhone, iPod, and/or iPad for free. You can log into your account and on the homepage, you can view how many stardollars and starcoins you have, how many items are on your wishlist, how many starpoints you have, and when your membership expires (if you're a superstar). You can also view new & popular items in starplaza, new Stardoll features, and even read & reply to your mail, guestbook entries, and more! This is all done by viewing the drop down menu. I just downloaded the app yesterday and I am very happy & satisfied with it. I am definitely excited for future updates to the app, and I am sure that you'll all enjoy the app aswell. So, if you're the owner of an iPhone, iPod, and/or iPad, I'd reccomend this app to you right away! 


Did you download the Stardoll Access app yet? What do you think about it? Comment, and let me know! >>>





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Stardoll Cut It (Halloween version)

Stardoll Cut It (Valentine's Day version)

Stardoll Dream Cakes (Avaliable for the iPad only)

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