TREND ALERT: Prom Season!

67 bulan lalu

"How about this big Poofy Ballgown? How about a tight short dress? ..does this dress make me look short?"..Ooh, It's that time of year again! PROM SEASON! For many of us, this is an exciting time.. getting to try on beautiful gowns, window shopping, and crashing Macy's dressing rooms with your friends. However; there's a lot more that goes into Prom shopping than you think!

After setting a price range for yourself, there are two factors when choosing your evening gown: color and style.  Now.. you can't just pick any color you like for your dress. It has to suit you. Find your undertone. Cooler skintones can pull of blue, green, white, and other pastel colored gowns. Warm undertones work best with warm colors; reds, oranges, dark greens, etc.

Next, choose what type of gown you feel most confident in. Perhaps you would like a short gown as opposed to a long poofy ballgown. There are plenty of different gowns to choose from.. one with slits, one with a train, a fitted or a ballgown! Think about the type of earrings you may wear. Big earrings suit simple, strapless, and classy gowns.

Here are some of our favorite dollies pulling off gorgeous gowns! Take note in their color and style chooses for body type. Pic credit to www.stardoll.com!

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