Healthy Self-Esteem

1 bulan lalu

Hi Dollies!


I used to think high self-esteem was good self-esteem. But after hearing the term healthy self-esteem, I realize high self-esteem must be something different. Someone with low self-esteem can’t see the value within themselves. Similarly, someone with high self-esteem goes to the opposite extreme, perhaps close to or equivalent to the likes of arrogance. 


It’s good to think highly of yourself when it means you have confidence, but as soon as it alters you into the perception that you’re better than the people around you, it becomes unhealthy. Similarly, trying too hard to counteract that can lead you to unknowingly underestimate yourself, and you’ll end up holding yourself back from opportunities you are perfectly capable of. That’s a trap that I continually fall into and I’m sure many of us do as well. 


Unfortunately, I don’t have the secret to finding that perfect balance of high and low in healthy self-esteem as I myself still sway warily between the two as I’m buffeted around by my surroundings. I can, however, still do my best to give you my idea of what healthy self-esteem should look like. 


Someone with healthy self-esteem will value their own good qualities. Not only are they happy with themselves, they can find areas for improvement without any negative self-talk. I want us all to find healthy self-esteem, so try this little activity with me. Name a quality you value in yourself and then think of an area you’d like to see yourself grow in. Then put that growth into action while knowing you are enough! 


Let me know where you think you sit self-esteem-wise in the comments.


Take care,

♡ Joanne