New Year, New..... Instagram

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5 tips to help your Instagram grow in 2019!

Hey, Dolls.

with the new year starting a lot of people are making changes so I thought I'd share with you some tips to change your Instagram for the better. Instagram has millions of daily active users. How can your account stand out?


What's The Topic?

Now, many of the bigger accounts have a theme or topic that they stick to, whether it's beauty, fashion or luxury. You should pick a topic and stick to it as your audience will be following you for posts around that theme/topic.


Turn It Business!

Within your account settings, you can now turn your account into a business profile which will allow you to access analytics about your account. You can review your followers, their engagement to your content and account.



Don't be afraid to use hashtags in the description of your post. Hashtags are the most effective way to gain a following within a certain field, for example, check out #fashion or #style.



When you have followed these tips then your audience will grow and hopefully be active on your posts! Don't forget to reply and follow back some of your favorite accounts to support other people also trying to grow their accounts!


Hope these tips helped you and your account!

love, Nat

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