Affordable Autumn Eye Look!

2 bulan lalu

Hello, Dolls!

Disclaimer: I am not in Autumn / Fall right now. However, we have many dollies in the Northern Hemisphere who might want to create a quick, easy and reasonably affordable Autumn eye look on Stardoll!

Today's look comes to a total of 14 SD, but can be supplemented with any orange or burgundy tones you already own. Start off with a bright orange shadow, and sweep it across your lids. Deepen the pigment at the end of your eyes - the 'outer V' area.

Next, pick a burgundy or deeper orange-toned eye pencil or shadow to the outer V area. Deepen this spot with pigment, defining your eyes and their shape.

To finish off this look, I selected an eye pencil in a similar shade, perhaps a bit deeper, to the initial eyeshadow shade. Run it along your lower lashline to create continuity from the top to the bottom of your eye and bring color to the area. The color should gently fade as you approach your inner corners. 

If you like, pop on a pair of wispy false lashes to make sure you still are highlighting the eyeshadow look, as deep black mascara can hide it. There you have it - a relatively affordable, 3-product eye look to use for everyday wear during Autumn.

- Dot: Hot Orange Eyeshadow
- Dot: Perfect Burgundy Eyepencil
- Dot: Fall Orange Eyepencil

Lauren xox 

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