My Stardoll Story

5 bulan lalu


I discovered Stardoll when it was just dressing up dolls. I can't remember when, but when reminiscing with my cousin, we got onto games we used to play and Stardoll popped up in conversation. Later that day, I got on my laptop and discovered Stardoll was much more than dress up games. You could now make your own doll.   

Now before this account, I had another one and this was my second account, however for some reason this account was becoming much more popular and slowly but surely this became my main account. 

Now don't get me wrong, Stardoll and I have had our rough patches. Often things became boring and stale and I would go through periods of not going on here for weeks at a time. Then my laptop broke and I stopped playing the game. However almost 2 years ago I got a new laptop and had the exact same conversation as I had 8 years ago with my cousin and discovered the site again.  

Joining the Starblog has been the best thing to ever happen. I have never felt more part of the community then I have when joining the team. I have made new friends and I'm able to have a voice on this site. It's the biggest blessing ever. 

Stardoll has always been there for me during some of the best and worst times of my life. Thank you to everyone who has made my Stardoll story what it is. 

Let me know your Stardoll story. 

Till Next Time