Women's Day, Every Day

10 bulan lalu

With International Women's Day being celebrated March 8, there's never been a better time to get educated and make a difference in the world. As Stardoll's Women's Day tees said last year, "We should all be feminists." Sadly though, this continues to be a problem. People misinterpret feminism as sexism against men, or as women's attempts to overpower men. Once and for all, FEMINISM = EQUALITY OF ALL GENDERS. Feminism is as much about helping men as it is about empowering women. We all need help and support once in a while, whether a man feels uncomfortable showing emotions that are too 'feminine', or whether a woman is struggling to be taken seriously in a male-dominated setting.

Society still holds onto gendered prejudices and stereotypes, despite the progress that's been made. So how can you, one person, make a difference? How can you be a better feminist?

- Speak up! If your friend is saying something kinda sexist, tell them what's wrong with that. Always be respectful and calm, and only say something if you feel safe doing so.

- Get educated. If you're going to talk about feminism, you should know your stuff. You can do some research about feminism, sexism, and women's issues today so that you can have intelligent and open conversations.

- Challenge society, little by little. Even one voice (yours!) can make a difference. Post on social media about your hobbies that might seem strange for your gender. Advocate for changes you'd like to see. If we persist, slowly and quietly, we can do it.

How did you celebrate International Women's Day?

Til next time!

Kat ♥