The Trend: Chokers

13 bulan lalu

Hi dollies!


Today's trend we will be looking at is: Chokers.

I have a love-hate relationship with this trend, as much as I wear it on stardoll, I don't in real-life. Chokers aren't always everyone's favourite but they must have done something to stay on trend for the past few years!


Here are some examples of chokers:

I love this choker, it is so simple and effective. You could pair it with anything to give it a different vibe. The simplicity means it will look good in something sophisticated or casual. - 14sd


This next choker is still cute and simple but the extra diamonds add that edge to a plain brown choker. I love pairing this with cute summer pieces due to the brown as it isn't too harsh. Trails - 81sc

This choker is a little more bold with the diamonté finish. It really makes an outfit stand out, although I wouldn't wear it in real life, I like it on my doll. Voile - 6sd


Do you like chokers?


Starlight x

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